Exhibition In Russian Museum.

Paintings on the walls by E.Tabachnik, left to right:
"Self-portrait in 18c.",based on painting by Ambrosious Golbein.
"Self-portrait-Officer in 18c.", based on Rembrandt painting.
"Sun Beam in Panteon". Last day of Pompeii."Meditation in Red".
"Exodus"."Magic Mirror in Kusiovo Palace,Moscow".
"Raibow"."High Water in St.Mark Square"."Sagrada Familia,Sunset".
"Singularity, or Black Hole in Pizza"."Venice Nights,playing lights".
"Venice Nights,Chandeliers".
Inc on paper, display table:"The Babilon Tower". "Miracle in St.Mark Caphedral".
"The Lost Towns"-artist's signature in skylight.
Oil on canvas, 40"x 54", 1998

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