Nostradamus and his Magic Mirror.
The tragic events of 9/11 with background of New York City and Twin Towers in flames.
Nostradamus(self-portrait of the artist),seated in front of the mirror with the Book of Prophecies:
"In The City of York there will be a Great Thunder.
Two Brothers will be torn apart by Chaos. The Third Bif War will begin".
His astronomical instrumens are on the table.
On the left wall is E.Tabachnik's painting "High waters inSt.mark Square".
On the right wall is E.Tabachnik's painting "The Tower of Babel",-both in Nostradamus Prophecies.
Also, as always, in the background of New York sky is the "Flying Lost Town",-artist signature.
Oil on canvas, 32"x36", 2001.

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