My Last Exhibition in the Grand Gallery.Private Collection.
Based on painting by Hubert Robert:"Imaginary view of The Grand Galerie in Ruins".1796.
Louvre sculpture collection:"Mithras Immolating the Bull",2nd.C.and "The Winged Victory of Samothrace",190B.C.
E.Tabachnik paintings on the walls. Left:"Herod's Temple in Jerusalem"."Sonata of Sea.Clouds".
"Palio in Siena"."Reception Hall. Small Hermitage"."Sagrada Familia in the Future. Afternoon".
"Jerusalem. Arival of The Third Temple"."Allegro.Concert in St.Mark Square"."The Tower of Babel"."Exodus".
"Arival of The 12th. Planet"."Sagrada Familia in the Future.Night". Right wall:"Three Graces"."Castle".
Artist playing on Giraffe piano.
In the sky is the "Flying Lost Town"-arist's signture.
Oil on canvas, 40"x 32", 2006.

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