Gallery.Small Hermitage.
One of the famous Halls of Hermitage in St.Petersburg.Russia.
Paintings by E.Tabachnik on the walls. Right to left bottom:
"Three Graces","Last Supper in Pompeii","Sagrada Familia in the Future",
Sunset"."Rainbow","Gemberlitas baths","Arrival of the 12 Planet",
"Sonata of Sea. Clouds","Virginal and Lira da-Braccio","Palio in Siena",
Top:"St.Mark Basilica and Campanella","Russian Silver in Venice",
"Arrival of The Third Temple into Jerusalem","Sundial","Autumn","
"Sonata of Sea.Secrets","Sonata of Spring.Primavea",
Top at the end:"Meditation in Red","Billow","Sonata of Sea.Night Music".
"White Nights","Sonata of Sun","Storm in 17c."
Some actual sculptures, and some created busts: Salvador Dali, Edward, Galina Tabachnik,
Dr.Greatbuch-inventor of the pacemaker and Vice Grand-Master of "The Order of Alexander The Great".
Artist spent years in the Hermitage admiring old masters while studing in St.Petersburg Academy of Arts.
"Flying Lost Town" is hidden in the paintings on the walls.
Oil on canvas, 32" x 40", 2000.

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